Vox Opening Dinner

Vox Opening Dinner

By Far the Most Exclusive Dinner at Potsdamer Platz

Do you miss us? We miss you too! Therefore we are pleased to announce that we will be spoiling you again with our culinary events. With a four-course menu including corresponding drinks, we will revive the customary unforgettable atmosphere at Vox and serve breathtaking dishes in the classic Vox style. Asian inspired, modern and summery. Look forward to an exclusive evening.

The Menu:

VOX Nigiris & Kamebishi 10 Y Mayonnaise
Thunfisch, Gelbflossenmakrele, grüner Spargel & Yuzu Sesam

Schottischer Eismeerlachs & Joghurt
Avocado, Gurke, Dill & Wasabi

Fürstenberger Sommerreh & Knupperkirsche
Knollensellerie, Kräuterseitlinge & Szechuanpfeffer

Muscovado, Almond, Raspberry & Tarragon

Piura Cacao, Strawberry, Hazelnut & Chilli

inklusive korrespondierender Getränke

29 August 2020 | 18 September 2020
Admission: 7:00 pm

€109 per person
€99 per person for Gourmet Club members

For reservations please contact us on +49 30 2553 1507 or send an e-mail to

Good to know

At Vox Restaurant, we place great emphasis on quality. Therefore, we source our products from long-standing and responsible suppliers and partners. This not only benefits the animals we consume but also makes the food taste better.

10-Year-Old Kamebishi Soy Sauce

Kamebishi soy sauce is made from a bean-wheat mixture that is roasted in hot sand on straw mats on the island of Shikoku. It is made in the traditional way and allowed to get moldy. Following the example of balsamic vinegar producers, the company only sells part of its production and lets the rest mature for several decades. The result is a thick and intense soy sauce whose taste is not easily forgotten..

Fresh Wasabi Roots for Our High-Quality Sushi

Did you know that we only use fresh wasabi roots imported from Japan for our sushi? Vox Restaurant is one of only a few restaurants in Berlin to do so because the exclusive roots are an absolute rarity even in international markets. The wasabi root is freshly grated directly at your table and makes eating sushi at Vox an even more special and memorable experience.

Exclusive Trout from the Rottstock Trout Farm

This exclusive farm near Berlin has just 24 ponds and places great emphasis on sustainable pond management instead of intensive fish farming. In Rottstock, it takes a good one and a half years until the trout are ready for harvest. Manager Susanne Engels fishes, slaughters and delivers the trout herself.

Game & Herbs from Richard’s Wild from Fürstenberg

Richard’s Wild is a long-standing partner of Vox Restaurant. Guido Richard produces all his products from wild game that he shoots, slaughters and delivers himself. He also obtains the appropriate herbs from the surrounding countryside and supplies us with harvest-fresh herbs from the meadows and forests surrounding Berlin. The result is breathtaking, fresh high-quality ingredients that you can taste.

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